Dear Colleagues,

Our association was established on September 9, 2019 with great enthusiasm brings together all our dermatologist colleagues working in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology and willing to work on the further improvement of the field and share their experiences and also to find solutions and urgently respond to issues experienced by its members on daily practice. In line with this approach, many workshops were held, hosted by the members of our association. During the COVID- 19 Pandemic, active education was continued via online meetings and webinars, which assured the scientific and practical growth of the field, and the practicing physicians. Following the forever- growing demand, two congresses were held one year apart, where participation, efficiency and energy increased each day. Our business partners in the industry also showed a high level of participation in all these meetings, and left with great satisfaction, all wondering the same question; "When will the next congress take place?".

As the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology Association (EKDD), we are delighted to announce that 4th National Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology Congress, will be held in Granada Luxury Hotel, Antalya, between November 6th – 10th, where we are sure that your tiredness will evolve into great pleasure.

The interest in aesthetic dermatology is increasing in both national and global sphere, new information is constantly cumulating on the clinical and procedural functioning, and new technologies and products are taking their place in the field every following day. At this point, it is of great importance to ensure the continuity of education. Therefore, while planning our congress, as in the past, we aim to create an environment of idea exchange, where our experienced colleagues can share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues who will just enter the field, provide access to all innovative products and devices in the industry, and bring together experienced users with enthusiastic learners. These days will be filled with scientific content that will cover a wide range of our daily practice; from sessions to be conveyed by experienced colleagues from Turkey and abroad, live applications, roundtable sessions accompanied by interactive discussions, to speeches in which all the details and legal requirements and issues in the establishment and management of a clinic will be discussed. We are looking forward to gather with you at the social programs and special events that will let us all to get rid of our daily tiredness and clear our minds with joy.

We are determined to ensure the continuity, growth and ethical integrity of the field of aesthetic dermatology in the future by bringing together experienced colleagues who have devoted their hearts to the field and our business partners in the industry with young, enthusiastic and innovative generations. It will be a great honor for us to welcome you to our third congress, as we did for the last two.

With love and respect
Association Board